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Epworth Pet Sitters

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Doncaster & Scunthorpe Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

It`s well known that our pets are far happier in their own home. The same as any other family member!

Creatures of habit, it`s important that our pets feel secure, safe and loved which only their own home environment can provide as opposed to kennels and catteries.

We are animal lovers and welcome all animals in all shapes and sizes. Whether your furry baby is a pedigree Akita or rescued cross, Siamese Seal-Point or a ginger Tom, African Grey or a cuddly Rat, we understand just how much you love them so we will provide that love and attention when you can`t. If we are booked to look after your purrrfect pussy we wont just come in, feed her and leave but also spend time playing, giving lots of affection and even empty and clean the litter tray! When walking your dog`s` we don`t just walk him down the street but take him to the park, play tug-of-war and give him lots of kisses and cuddles too!

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